The Global Hotel Employee Rate Travel Program

Receive hotel employee rates for you and ten of your friends & family at hotels & resorts all over the world.

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Hotel partners of VRLTA receive complimentary enrollment for the first year when signing up with the Hotel Employee Rate travel program through VRLTA.  To sign-up, please email us at


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Log-in to book hotel employee rates or preferred hotel employee rates at thousands of hotels and resorts in key destinations all over the world.  For a listing of destinations, please click below: 

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Add Friends & Family

Hotel employees can add up to ten of their friends and family to the Hotel Employee Rate travel program. To do so, log-in to your account booking page and click on "Friends & Family" in the header tab. 

For assistance, please email our service desk.



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Program Notes

Please review our Program Notes detailing the specifics of our travel program.

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Policies & Procedures

Please review our policies and procedures for travel to our collection of hotels.

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Employee Rates

Click here for a listing of hotel employee rates in major worldwide destinations.